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Your Consultant is  Marina Cushing

My Story

  Like my page on Facebook for up to date specials :) "Marinas Scentsy Business" In December 2012, I was given my first scentsy warmer as a christmas gift, and I became a Scentsy addict. I joined the Scentsy team in July 2013. I love that Scentsy is pet friendly if eaten or spilled, which is huge as a multi-dog owner. I am always worried about what they can knock over, what they'll get into & what they'll eat that they shouldn't. As for a little bit about me.. I love animals. Big, or small, i love them all. They are my passion, and you can normally find me at all animal local vendor related events, or volunteering at our local KY Humane Society. I always had a zoo growing up with many different animals, but now I have my four fur puppies. I have Brandy, Zeek, Fidelis & Bailey. They're a handful, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a big dog & bully breed advocate. As a Rottweiler & Pit bull rescue mom, I always try to educate people on the breeds and let them meet them if we are out somewhere. Aside from being an independant consult for Scentsy, I work full time at NPC, and i'm an independant contractor for Paws Pet Care. I'm also an active member at Planet Fitness & believe in living a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to working with you & if you have any questions, feel free to text, call or email me! :) Thanks!     <!--endbody-->